PRE ORDER - The Glorious Sons - A War On Everything CD

$12.99 CAD
The Glorious Sons' "A War On Everything" double LP, on a limited edition, 180gm orange vinyl. All pre order copies will come signed by the band. 
Track listing:
1. Panic Attack
2. A War On Everything
3. Spirit To Break
4. Closer To The Sky
5. Wild Eyes
6. A Funny Thing Happened
7. The Laws Of Love And War
8. One More Summer
9. The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death Of Rock And Roll
10. Kick Them Wicked Things
11. I’m On Your Side
12. Kingdom In My Heart
13. Lean On Me Love
14. Pink Motel
This is an exclusive pre order. Any and all items purchased along with this vinyl will ship approximately mid-September.