Bedouin Soundclash - Mass - Vinyl LP - Limited Edition Translucent Pink

$30.00 CAD

Available in SIGNED or UNSIGNED versions.

1. Salt Water / 2. Born Into Bad Times / 3. Clock Work / 4. When We’re Gone / 5. Holy / 6. They Gutted This City / 7. Drive / 8. St Jude of the Floors / 9. All Tomorrows / 10. Inversion Weather / 11. Full Bloom / * 12. Better Days / 13. Edges of the Night / * 14. Just Like You 

Nearly a decade since their last record, Jay Malinowski and Eon Sinclair better known as duo Bedouin Soundclash, return with their fifth studio album ‘MASS’, on Mr Bongo!

While pulling from their old catalogue of eclectic post-punk world-beat tendencies, the band journeys further into New Orleans jazz, afro-pop, electronic and gospel on their latest offering, reflecting a creative rebirth influenced by the cities and musicians that surrounded them.

Co-produced by Bedouin Soundclash and legendary Philadelphia House DJ King Britt, along with musical direction from Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall, ‘MASS’ spans two communities, recorded at Marigny Studio’s in New Orleans with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and in Vancouver at St. James Church with the children of the St. James Music Academy.

* Please note that tracks 12 and 14 do not appear on the vinyl LP, due to the overall length of the record.