Classified - Hitch Hikin' Music CD

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Track Listing: 
1. Intro (Here we go)
2. Find Out
3. Put It All In Perspective
4. Hard To Be Hip Hop (feat. Maestro Fresh Wes)
5. Beatin It
6. Feeling Fine (Remix) feat. Jordan Croucher & Jay Bizzy)
7. Freezin In The Cold
8. Hip Hop Star
9. All About U (feat. Chad Hatcher)
10. Beat Auction II
11. Cheap Talk
12. Cazual Drinking (feat. Tash from Tha Liks)
13. Fall From Paradise
14. Live It Up (feat. Mic Boyd)
15. See The Truth
16. Believe It Or Not (feat. Jay Bizzy, J-Bru, White Mic, Preacher K
17. Never Turns Out How You Thought It Would