Splash N Boots - Big Heart Pillow

$31.99 CAD

The original Big Heart Pillow!
So soft... and so full of love.

In 2018, Splash'N Boots created the "Big Heart Award". The duo gave a seven-year old boy named Nicholas, who was being severely bullied at school, a special yellow and blue heart-shaped pillow to hug when he was feeling scared and lonely. The pillow was to remind him that he is loved and that he will always be part of the Yellow and Blue Family. For his birthday, Nicholas told his friends and family to bring money instead of presents so he could buy heart pillows for other kids who needed love. He showed up at a Splash’N Boots show and told them what he’d done. Nicholas' inspiring love movement was embraced by Splash’N Boots and it led them to create their Big Heart Award and these special yellow'n blue pillows.

You can watch the story of the Big Heart Pillow here: