Splash N Boots - Happy Times - CD Album

$9.99 CAD

Released October 22, 2014

Songs written by: Splash'N Boots
Produced by Chris Graham
Recorded by Chris Graham @ Sublime Media Works
Drums recorded by Tobias Smith @ The Alamo
Mixed by Laurence Currie @ Sunnyside Studios
Masted by Noah Mintz @ The Lacquer Channel

Vocals: Taes and Nick
Acoustic Guitar: Nick Adams
Banjo: Justin Abedin
Bass on tracks 1-6: Andrew Thomas
Bass on tracks 7-11: Scott Winter
Drums: Tobias Smith
Violin: Sarah Wiebe
Viola: Rachael Abramoff
Mandolin, Piano, Brass, Percussion: Chris Graham
Additional Vocals on ‘Hear Us Sing’ by Tia Brazda and Chris Graham
Album Illustrations: Chad Green
Photography: Alex Maxim