Splash N Boots - Popcorn, Pickles and Parrots - CD Album

$9.99 CAD

released June 5, 2006

All lyrics and music by: Splash'N Boots
Produced by: Bob Doidge
Recorded by: Amy King at Grant Avenue Studio
Mixed by: Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Studio
Mastered by: Paul Riemens at Grant Avenue Studio
Graphic Design: Happy Times Design Communications
Photography: Valbon Studios

Taes: Vocals, Saxophone, Bell, Snapping
Nick: Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Penny Whistle, Snapping
Valerie Leavitt: Piano, Snapping
Amy King: Organ, Keyboard, Harpsichord, Piano
Tobias Smith: Drums (3, 3, 8, 10)
Bob Doidge: Bass, Djembe, Farfisa, Steel Drums, Tuba, Guiro, Conga, Deer Toes, Claves, Theremin, Recorder, High string guitar, Accordion, Cello, Tambourine, Timbaly, Vibraslap, Ukulele, Cowbell, Clay drum, Mandolin, Penny Whistle, Coin drums, Mini Moog, Clarinet, Trumpet, Mellophone, Mellotron, Guitar, Backup Vocals, Snapping
The Singing Swepper Choir: Amber Mills, Michael Rode, Jessi-Linn Taylor, Luke Davies, & Aaron Sterno