Splash N Boots - Razoo - CD Album

$9.99 CAD

Released June 9, 2009

Lyrics and Music by Splash'N Boots
Produced and Recorded by: Amy King & Bob Doidge at Grant Ave Studio
Mixed by: Bob Doidge
Mastered by: Amy King
Graphic Design: Happy Times Design
Photos: Alex Maxim
Frieda Illustrations: Rachel Rush

Taes: Vocals
Nick: Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, 12-string guitar
Jeff "Fried Eggs" Adams: Drums (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 10)
Amy "Tax" King: Piano, Spoons, General Hero
Tobias Smith: Drums (Track 6)
Bob Doidge: Bass, Pan pipes, Djembe, Mandolin, Fiddle, Electric Guitar, Backup vocals, Accordion, Highstring guitar, Tuba, Trumpet, Strings, Bodhran, Vibraslap, Cowbell, Shaker, Organ, Flute, Cowbell, More Cowbell
Natalie Walker: Violin, Fiddle